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We are closing a gap in webbased services and tools supporting the creation of websites. There are many tools such as counters, online-forums or guestbooks on the web. But until now there is no support for legal-disclaimers on the web available.

Now you have access on a pre-defined disclaimer template that is frequently kept updated according to current legal and copyright legislation. And the best: this service is free of charge! The most recent sentences and developments at law have been and will be considered - so you need not to worry about the up-to-dateness of this service. More, you will be saving your valuable webspace for your own documents - simply by using the disclaimer template on this server.

To make use of this service, you will neither need to register nor claim your eMail address or even creditcard information. Simply use it, without charge - without risk! Simply follow the detailed setup advice to integrate the service into your website.

By the way: as this service is hosted in germany, you may find it interesting that it is in terms of 14 Para. 1 of the german Tele Media Act. This legislation provides the confidence and trust for ones personal information you may be seeking for.

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